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Extend Physiotherapy aim to provide you with the absolute best care in a professional and caring environment.

Extend Physio

Extend Physiotherapy was founded in Wagga Wagga in 2015 by Luke Friedlieb. Extend Physiotherapy was founded on the premise that physiotherapy can make a difference to people's quality of life. Luke has been a physiotherapy practitioner for over 15 years and is passionate about helping others.

The staff at Extend Physiotherapy believe in core values. You will receive a friendly welcome, open conversation, thorough assessment and appropriate treatment. Extend Physiotherapy will provide a positive environment for your optimum recovery across all walks of life.

Our staff will challenge you to actively participate in your own recovery and rehabilitation.

Extend Physiotherapy are proud to now offer Low Level Laser Therapy.

Lasers have been used for the last 30 years to treat a wide range of conditions including tendinopathies (such as tennis elbow or achilles tendonitis), rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, trigger points, thoracic pain, neck pain, jaw soreness, and lymphoedema.

The laser light passes through the first few millimetres of skin into the deeper tissues, transmitting energy to the body’s cells and stimulating cellular activity.

Laser therapy has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, stimulate wound healing and tissue regeneration, and even reduce scarring!

Extend Physiotherapy Services

Extend Physiotherapy is pleased to provide a number of services to the local community.

  • Health

    Your general health and well being is very important to us

  • Recovery

    Getting you back on your feet faster

  • Prevention

    The best advice on how to prevent injuries recurring

  • Visits

    We come to you or you come to us - it's your choice!